IN THE NEWS: International AutoSource can now assist foreign expats who have recently moved to the United States with an all-new expat car finance and leasing program.

Woodbury, NY, March 14, 2013: International AutoSource has announced the launch of an all-new car finance and leasing program available to expats located in the United States. Expats who have recently moved to the U.S. still have not established a U.S. credit history, making it difficult for them to obtain low-rate car financing. This program is great news for expats in the U.S. as they are now eligible to benefit from this expat car financing and expat car leasing program.

International AutoSource is a full service vehicle solution for expats who have recently moved to the United States. Not only can AutoSource take care of all aspects of the car-buying process, they can provide financing assistance on vehicles that expats acquire on their own.

Through this program, expats will benefit from:

  • Choice of new and used vehicles
  • Any make or model
  • Ability to locate and negotiate the best price
  • Financing and leasing without a US credit history
  • AutoSource Concierge Service
  • Low cost auto insurance
  • Outstanding AutoSource guarantees

For decades, International AutoSource has been assisting expats overseas with their car financing and leasing needs in the United States without a U.S. credit history. As industry leaders, AutoSource guides expats through the entire car-buying process helping to ease their transition and move to the United States. As a trusted source and preferred supplier for many relocation and destination service companies, AutoSource has become known for finding solutions for the many problems affecting expats purchasing a vehicle in the United States. AutoSource’s award winning programs and benefits have been recognized by the global mobility community at large.

Through this new program International AutoSource is now able to assist foreign expats located either overseas or in the U.S. with their car financing and leasing needs. Expats are still advised to plan ahead and consider their car-buying needs while they are overseas for the best savings, however, expats who require more flexibility can take advantage of International AutoSource’s new solution for expats already in the United States.

As an expat, don’t be taken for a ride! Contact International AutoSource today to take advantage of these car-buying program benefits. To learn more, please email them at

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