IN THE NEWS: International AutoSource announces the expansion of their long term car rental program ReadyDrive, to the UK

Woodbury, NY, March 18, 2013:  International AutoSource announces the expansion of their successful ReadyDrive program to the UK providing long term business car hires. For years ReadyDrive, a division of International AutoSource, has helped customers drive in the U.S. by providing them with long term car rentals for (30 days or more) at significant savings. This unique long term car hire program is now available to customers in the UK.

ReadyDrive is now providing customers in the UK with all of the same great benefits that are currently being offered to customers in the United States. Through unique relationships with top rental car companies, ReadyDrive is able to save customers up to 50% off their corporate rental rates. In addition, insurance is always included at no additional cost and ReadyDrive provides renters with the security of protection without paying deductibles and other costs resulting from damages to a car, should an incident occur. Spouses and co-workers are permitted to share rental vehicles, providing plenty of driving options and flexibility when booking the rental. This full service program not only saves customers time and money, it also benefits employers. By including insurance, assets are protected and potential corporate exposure is reduced. ReadyDrive offers one flat base rate everyday and anywhere in the UK. That means employers can budget their rental expenses accurately without the added expenses of seasonal price hikes. ReadyDrive also has the option to provide flexible billing options to satisfy most employers’ reimbursement policies. Billing can be arranged to the employee, the employer or a third party if necessary.

ReadyDrive’s full service program handles all aspects of the booking, including rental extensions and billing processes while providing full concierge service. They will have the vehicle ready for you when and where you need it. Whether you are in the U.S. or the UK, ReadyDrive provides a low cost solution for your long term car rental needs. For more information about the ReadyDrive program or to get a free quote, please visit or email them at

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