Study finds men are from Lincoln, women are from Volvo

Are you and your spouse at odds with each other over which car should be your next purchase? It turns out you’re not alone! Studies have shown that when it comes to picking your next ride, men and women tend to have very different preferences.

The Car Connection investigates these differences in “Study Finds Men are From Lincoln, Women are From Volvo”

By Richard Read | The Car Connection – Wed, Aug 21, 2013 8:02 PM EDT

In marketing, companies always track the demographics of their customers to identify shopping trends. They look at age, geography, income, and many other factors, but perhaps none more so than sex.

The auto industry isn’t immune from this — not by a long shot — and it’s drawn a number of conclusions about today’s shoppers. For example: women are practical, but men get better deals. Men like a showy ride, women prefer one with smarts. And so on, and so on. Vive la difference.

Now, the folks at KBB have turned their attention to the specific brands that men and women prefer. Combining traffic stats from with survey data collected from 13,000 U.S. adults, they’ve identified a few very interesting facts about what turns men and women on — at least when it comes to cars.


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