Thank You Julian and Congratulations On Your New Vehicle!

I was put in touch with International Auto Source by a good friend who had recently re-located to the US from the UK something I myself was at the time currently doing. As any UK national re-locating or who has already re-located to the US knows it is funnily enough not such an easy thing to do as you would imagine.. ‘Special relationship’ and all.

One of the major inconveniences when you arrive in the US is you have no credit rating/score. This is not something that you think about most of the time until you do not have it but it really does impact on ‘everything’ you try to do.

I started before getting to the US to look into arranging a lease car; I couldn’t do it because no credit score. I then looked into buying a car with a reasonable down payment and the rest on finance; again I couldn’t do it because no credit score. Cash o.k. but credit even with a down payment and compulsory insurance cover ‘no way’ – unbelievable!

One day after talking to a friend who had recently moved to the US he advised me to try International AutoSource. Immediately Fairy Dust everywhere! no problem on credit score, no problem on not having a Social Security number, nor a home address etc.. I had a job, a visa, an office address and a few people resident in the US who would know where I was and I was able to pay the initial deposit (small) on confirming the lease. All this before I got to the US.

The lease rate on my car is as competitive as I was able to find anywhere else in the US for the same vehicle so I wasn’t being overcharged for all the facilitation either. International AutoSource also arranged for me an interim hire car at favourable rates until my Lease car delivered because there was a waiting period from the manufacturer, (that would likely be the same anywhere for a new car). They also put me in touch with Auto Insurers willing to cover me and my wife at competitive rates again no problem with credit score.  All through the process from the initial contact through to the delivery of my car a few days ago I was kept regularly updated and advised.

International AutoSource need all the same detail as any of the other companies that will lease you a car in the US the difference is they are willing to ‘trust’ you will provide these in due course as you have a visa and a job to go to. This is the pertinent point, everyone else you deal with will not contract with you because they adopt the position you have no credit score therefore you cannot be trusted!

Well done International AutoSource for spotting a potentially very lucrative gap in the market by recognising a little bit of well placed ‘trust’ goes a long way. International trade is continuously breaking down barriers and with it more people are moving around the world at the behest of their multinational employers. Provided the world economy continues to grow and companies from all around the world grow with it there will be an ever increasing tide of people coming and going all over the place. The USA is in competition for those people and the jobs they create in their host country and they like anyone else need all the same things as we all do, (not only a car). Therefore breaking down the peculiar financial restrictions that currently exist here in the US will tap into a new revenue stream for whoever manages to do it.

Kind regards,
Julian Perry

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