7 Fees Rental Companies Don’t Want You to Know About

Don’t be fooled by the promise of a low base rate when booking your next rental vehicle. The advertised price isn’t always the price you pay. Car rental companies can bury hiddeford fusion 3n costs and fees in the fine print, leaving you owing hundreds more when you checkout.

Be a smart renter. Know which rental fees are standard, and which to avoid BEFORE you book your next vehicle.


7 Common Fees to Avoid

  1. Peak Season Surcharge: An extra fee adding during the companies most popular times of the year.
  2. Insurance: On top of your rental fees you will be encouraged to purchase a collision damage waiver for the vehicle to avoid paying an extremely high insurance deductible in the event of an accident.
  3. Extra Driver: An extra fee for each additional driver of the vehicle, plus a fee to add the driver to your insurance waiver.
  4. Early Fees:  Heard of late fees? Some companies charge you a fee for breaking your contract if you return your vehicle earlier than your original contract
  5. Under 25: Many companies charge hefty fees to renters who are between 21 and 24.
  6. Out-of-State Fee: Check with your rental company before you cross state lines. Some charge extra fees for driving outside of the state where you rented.
  7. Fuel Service Charges: If you return the rental without filling your tank you can be charged well above market value for gasoline $11 dollars per gallon in some cases.

The best way to avoid hidden fees? Find a reputable car rental company with transparent fees. 

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