International AutoSource Releases Study to Help Expats Relocating to the United States

The top challenge identified by current Expats in the United States is difficulty obtaining documentation, according to a recent study conducted by International AutoSource.

WOODBURY, NY, March 4, 2014: International AutoSource (IAS) is releasing The 2014 Expat Review, a study created from a survey of current Expatriates living in the USA, to help advise future Expats relocating to the United States. IAS, a full-service Expat transportation provider, randomly selected a pool of 49 Expat customers to survey. The study contains statistical information about the Expat community in the United States, along with testimonials from Expatriates regarding personal relocation experiences.

For many Expats, the decision to relocate to the United States requires extensive research and planning, but finding trustworthy sources of information can be difficult. In this social age of information, peer-to-peer referrals and advice tend to be the most trusted. IAS created The 2014 Expat Review to give Expats an unbiased look into the community they will be a part of when they move to America, as identified by current Expats in America.The Expat Review

Out of the thousands of International AutoSource customers, 49 were randomly chosen to participate in the Expatriate study. The surveyed Expats all relocated to the USA in 2013 and 2014, with the average participant having been in the United States for eight months at the time of the study. These Expats relocated from around the globe; the top 3 countries of origin from those surveyed included the Philippines, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

Along with providing statistical data, the Expats answered four open-ended questions that asked them to identify challenges, cite major cultural differences, and share the advice they would give to future Expats. The study identified that the number one challenge Expatriates face in the United States is difficulty obtaining documentation, with 43-percent of those surveyed citing it as an issue. A lack of credit history is close behind, with 18-percent of the Expatriates finding that to be an issue in the United States.

 “The biggest challenge of starting a new life in the US is to actually go through the process of becoming someone. Credit history is used as a basis to measure people for everything, being new you are basically in disadvantage on everything.” – Edgar F., Foreign National living in the United States.

The 2014 Expat Review is a free resource for Expats to use while planning their relocation to the United States. For a free download of The 2014 Expat Review visit:

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