Expat Problems: How Being an Expat is Like Being a Parent

Read Huffington Post blogger Megan Ainsworth’s pretty convincing take on how becoming an Expat is a lot like becoming a parent.

Twelve Ways Becoming an Expat is Like Becoming a Parent

I’ve been living in London as an American expat for just over four months now, and my experiences so far remind me of what it was like becoming a parent for the first time. Now, I’ve moved to an English-speaking country with familiar foods and a relatively similar culture; I imagine moving to Asia or the Middle East would be like having triplets – but I can’t speak to either of those experiences, so just bear with me.

So, here they are, 12 ways that moving to a new country is like having a baby:

1. No matter how much you prepare, you are never prepared. Read all the guide books you want if it makes you feel better (somebody needs to write a book What to Expect When You’re Expating), but when the big day arrives you just have to trust your instinct and figure things out on your own.

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