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International AutoSource has partnered with U.S. Global Mail on their new website, Global Mobility Matters.

Global Mobility Matters is a website committed to providing information and collective knowledge on the global mobility industry, including challenges, best practices, and insights.

At Global Mobility Matters, we think globalization one of the defining issues of our time. To capture, organize, and extract insights from the mobility industry, we are delivering content from every industry and function within the global arena.

International AutoSource is excited to be a partner of Global Mobility Matters. Visit their site today to read IAS’s feature article, “Why Expats Should Say ‘Yes’ to Car Rental Insurance”. Keep reading below for an excerpt from the article.

Why Expats Should Say ‘Yes’ to Car Rental Insurance

Global Mobility Matters

Travelers often debate whether buying rental car insurance in the United States is worth the cost. But for Expatriates, it’s almost always a smart idea to purchase the coverage.

To buy, or not to buy? That is the question when it comes to the long-debated topic of purchasing insurance from rental car companies. Many travelers have stood at the rental counter weighing their options and crunching numbers in their head while a salesperson rattles off a list of all the reasons it is a must. While the average traveler may be able to get away without the purchase, for Foreign Nationals purchasing the insurance is a smart idea.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, purchasing the car rental insurance is mandatory, so you won’t have a choice. Do your research on your destination country before arriving so you’re prepared for the extra expenses, and look for companies that offer bundled packages to save more.

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