Driving in the USA: Three Annoying (and dangerous) Driving Habits

When it comes to driving in the USA, the topic of safety comes up a lot. That’s because while driving provides freedom and mobility, it can also be dangerous. Whenever you’re behind the wheel, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. 

A 2014 global LeasePlan Driver Survey performed by TNS, surveyed 3,377 company car drivers in 20 countries. This study identified three of the most annoying driver habits. While many of us know we’re guilty of these behaviors from time-to-time, not many people want to admit it! While only 10% of those surveyed claimed to have exhibited these bad behaviors in the previous year, 80% said it had happened to them.

So, while we’re not pointing any fingers, it’s a smart idea to be aware of and avoid these three behaviors .

Road Block

Three annoying (and dangerous) driving habits
Tailgating – 24% of those surveyed named tailgating as the most annoying driving habit.

Tailgating is when a driver rides too close to the car in front of them, not leaving a safe amount of space for stopping between the vehicles. What is considered a safe amount of space varies depending on driving conditions, such as weather and speed. You should always leave enough space between you and the car in front of you so that you can safely stop the vehicle without collision.

Driving too Slow – 20% named driving too slow as the most annoying driving habit.

While you may think driving too slow is better than driving too fast, both are dangerous in their own ways. It is possible to receive a ticket for driving too slow. You are required to maintain a speed around the normal speed of traffic so that you do not impede the flow of traffic. If you’re going 20mph in a 55mph zone, you’re creating a dangerous situation.

Cutting Off – 17% of the participants named cutting off drivers as the most annoying habit.

Cutting someone off means to drive your car into the lane in front of them without appropriate warning and distance between the two cars. Cutting off another driver can be very dangerous, and sometimes occurs because the other car is in the driver’s “blind spot”,  meaning they could not be seen. Part of being a good driver is being a defensive driver, meaning you are always on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations, such as being cut-off.

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