Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Drive Overseas

Are you planning to drive overseas? You’re going to want to ask yourself these four questions:
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1. Are you allowed to drive?

This is extremely important! Before you get behind the wheel of the car, you should find out if you’re legally allowed to drive in that country. Some countries require foreigners to have an International Driving Permit.

2. Do you have international insurance coverage?

Before you head abroad call your insurance company and find out what your insurance will cover while you’re abroad. If you are renting a vehicle while overseas you can purchase temporary insurance coverage from the rental company. If you will be overseas longer and are going to be leasing or buying a car, you will need most likely need to purchase insurance.

 3. Are you properly equipped?

Research the driving regulations for the country you’re visiting. Depending which country you are in, they may require you to carry certain equipment in your vehicle. This could include child seats, first aid kits and warning triangles.

4. Can you find your way?

Since you’re in a foreign country you’re going to want to rely on a navigation system. If you’re bringing your GPS system from home, remember to download maps for where you’re going. You can also use your smartphone, but keep in mind you will be using your wireless data. And there’s always the good ole’ fashioned route – buy a local map!


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