IAS delivers their first car in Germany through new Expat leasing program


After partnering with King & Mayr and expanding their program into Germany, International AutoSource is happy to announce their first delivery in the country.

Expatriate Brent T. took delivery of his Audi vehicle in Germany in September. Brent is the first International AutoSource (IAS) customer in Germany to lease a car for local delivery. The entire IAS team wishes Brent the best of luck with his new vehicle!

The Advantage Program

The Advantage Program offers expatriates without a German credit history competitive monthly lease rates on new Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. iiiPayS Auto provides bilingual client support and administrative assistance throughout the duration of the lease. Expats without a German credit history will now be able to lease a vehicle at competitive local rates with no down payment required.

In addition to the great rates and zero down payment, Expats will have access to auto insurance rates comparable to a local German citizen with a perfect six-year driving record. Vehicle delivery is available throughout Germany for customer convenience.

Through the partnership with King & Mayr, an award-winning expatriate relocation service in Germany, customers will benefit from iiiPayS Auto. This new concierge service provides bilingual client support and connects the customer with one point-of-contact to manage their service. iiiPayS Auto simplifies by translating and explaining the leasing process, including the verification of all related paperwork, from payments and vehicle registration. The program also includes scheduling of maintenance, vehicle inspection, parking permits, road tax administration and more throughout the duration of the lease.

Expatriates relocating to Germany can learn more about the Advantage Program and the iiiPayS Auto concierge service by visiting: http://www.intlauto.com


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