[PRESS RELEASE] International AutoSource Launches New Website Making It Even Easier for Expats to Buy, Lease or Rent a Vehicle.

Media Contact: James Krulder, Director, International AutoSource (IAS), 516.496.1810, jkrulder@intlauto.com

WOODBURY, NY (February 12, 2018) – International AutoSource (IAS), a leading full-service provider of transportation solutions for expats, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website.  The new website features a user-focused design that places a wealth of information and resources within easy reach of all IAS customers.  Not only do customers have easy access to vehicle purchasing and leasing information, but the new site also provides instant access to a variety of resources to assist expats who are moving to the U.S.

IAS wants its customers to be ready to drive when they arrive, which is the basis upon which the new site was designed.  Additionally, the goal was to create a site that makes the customer experience even better when working with IAS.  To that end, the new site addresses specific challenges that expats typically face when moving to the U.S., whether for work or educational programs.  So, the new site combines the best of both worlds: it gives customers easy access to vehicle purchasing and leasing information, while providing the practical knowledge and resources that they need most when relocating.

The new site further enhances the many services, benefits and support that IAS provides for expats and the global community at large.  As always, IAS strives to make a relocation into foreign countries as seamless as possible, by providing car leasing, financing and purchasing solutions for expats who are moving to a foreign country.

The top reasons that expats turn to International AutoSource for their personal transportation needs are the same as they have always been: there is no local credit history needed, IAS offers privileged expat programs, and low-cost insurance premiums.

Some of the Key Features of the New Website include:

  • Build your own vehicle
  • Access to expat benefits such as free driving courses and competitively priced auto insurance
  • Financing and leasing pre-approvals for expats
  • Access to guides for relocating, understanding the rules of the road in the U.S., and much more


Since providing valuable resources is an important cornerstone of the new site, IAS will be continually adding information to its already robust expat resource library, and ensuring that all information is always up-to-date.

Here is a sampling of some of the free expat guides and resources currently available for customers to download via the new website:

  • The Definitive Guide for Expats Relocating to the U.S.
  • Why Credit and Driving History are Important to Expats
  • Buy, Lease or Rent?
  • Protect Yourself with Auto Insurance
  • How to Build Your Confidence as a Driver
  • The Expat Guide to U.S. Visas


“The IAS mission is to make your transition an easy one. Our product specialists have an unmatched combination of knowledge in expat needs, vehicle brands and models, and exclusive financing options. We appreciate the trust expats place in us and are proud to serve them,” said David Goldring, Chairman & CEO of IAS.

This sentiment is echoed by James Krulder, Director of IAS, who said, “We’re extremely excited about the launch of our new website, because it brings to life our mission to make getting the vehicle you need for your work assignment or educational program as seamless as possible by providing outstanding service, value and support.”

About International AutoSource (IAS)

IAS is the expatriate consumer division of OMSC, Overseas Military Sales Corp, the global distributor of vehicles to our Armed Forces, Diplomats and U.S. government employees for over 50 years. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped thousands of people with their personal transportation needs when relocating. Together, we are the largest global distributor of vehicles in the world.

Our unique programs provide maximum cost-savings, flexible terms and low-cost insurance with award-winning service on all manufacturer models.  Our programs are designed to save our clients valuable time, money and resources, while our culture of service excellence provides convenience to help ensure a seamless transition.

We are trusted and award-winning experts with over 50 years of experience assisting the global community.  IAS is the preferred global transportation provider and has assisted over 50,000 customers to date.


For more information about IAS, please visit our website: www.intlauto.com.


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