How a Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage is Affecting Vehicle Supply in the US

The Impact of the Chip Shortage on the Car Industry in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the automotive industry due to a global shortage of semiconductor chips. Semiconductor chips are an essential vehicle component, and this worldwide shortage has resulted in a limited supply of vehicles. With an increased demand for products that utilize microchips, customers can expect to see prices for vehicles and other consumer products continue to increase in the United States.

You may be wondering what is a semiconductor chip?

Semiconductor chips are the brains behind thousands of everyday consumer products including computers, gaming systems, smartphones, appliances, and vehicles. We rely on these products to connect, transport, and entertain us. While many industries are suffering from this shortage, the auto industry has been one of the worst-hit as chips are used for multiple vehicle components such as touchscreens, engines, and driver assistance systems. To put it in perspective, one vehicle can have up to 100 semiconductor chips!

What caused the semiconductor chip shortage?

The roots of the shortage lie in the early weeks of the pandemic when automobile manufacturers abruptly shut down amid widespread stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. Vehicle sales rapidly declined, and automakers and suppliers drastically cut down on their semiconductor chip orders to avoid a surplus. At the same time, with more people staying home and working from home there was a huge increase in demand for other consumer products such as computers, gaming consoles, and mobile phones converting to 5G.

When vehicle demand finally picked back up later in the year it was too late. Semiconductor manufacturers had shifted to fulfilling orders for the consumer electronics industry which left the automotive industry waiting for their orders to be fulfilled.

Manufacturers were then forced to reduce their vehicle production due to the fact that they do not have enough chips. This shortage of vehicles has resulted in a rise in automobile prices across the United States.

Vehicles in the U.S

How to protect yourself when shopping for a vehicle?

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