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Prior to relocation, transportation has been ranked among the lowest on an Expat’s priority list. However, it quickly jumps to the top of the list after relocation since many will need a vehicle. Foreign nationals are unaware of the challenges they will face when obtaining a vehicle including their lack of local credit history, licensing and registration requirements.

International AutoSource (IAS) has specifically designed programs to meet the needs of the global community for short and long-term assignments.

About Us

IAS offers car leasing, financing and purchasing solutions for Expats moving to a foreign country with no local credit history. We also offer a full-service, all-inclusive rental car program to both international and domestic assignees. Through our unique programs, our clients save valuable time, money and resources while our culture of service excellence provides convenience to help ensure a seamless transition.

We are trusted experts with over 25 years of experience assisting the global community. We have helped over 50,000 Expats with their personal transportation needs.

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We’re looking for guest bloggers to provide helpful information for Expats to assist them with their relocation. From the latest news, relocation tips, things to look out for, white papers and more.
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