As an Expat in the U.S., Jose Shares His Experience with International AutoSource

“I have been more than pleased with the whole process and your company. The overall experience has been really smooth. It amazes me more that this is the first time I buy cars just by talking over the phone, and exchanging emails. You guys do a great job and  appreciated very much doing business with you.”

“Coming to a different country than yours could be challenging in several matters, one of them is accessing to financing and leasing services. Not having a credit history neither a Social Security at least in the US, makes you start everything from scratches. International AutoSource helped us tremendously to make our international assignment an easy one on this aspect. Since day one I contacted them, everybody has been extremely professional, warm and empathetic with us, facilitating every single step to get to the point of being fully established. We recently received our cars and I never thought this would have been so easy and straight forward. This is a highly recommended company for Expats, it helps us greatly reducing the stress of such a positive life change as the one we are going thru right now.” – Jose H

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