Congratulations Deidre on your new Ford Escape!

“Moving to the USA was a huge transition for me, with transitions like these we anticipate a lot of stress. I was moving to an area where there wasn’t a lot if public transportation and as such I would have to secure my own ride. As a female, I wanted something reliable….something hopefully new. That was another problem as I had zero credit. Fortunately for me, the agency that helped with my transition knew of International AutoSource, and they recommended their service to me. From day #1 they assured me they would take the very best care of me and look out for my interests. They have delivered on their promise. It has been totally stress free as they totally take the hassle out of that aspect of the transition. I’ve been in the USA now for a month and a half and I have my very own transportation which I obtained at a low interest rate and my monthly payments are quite reasonable. I’m very grateful to this team as they have looked out for me and also my colleagues. I strongly recommend their service. ” – Deidre R.

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