6 Tips for Expats Moving With Children

Moving your family to a foreign country is no easy decision, but sometimes the hardest part is getting your children on board.

Here are 6 Tips for Expats Moving with Children:


Involve Your Children in the Research.

Actively involve your children in researching your new home. Doing this will help your children feel like they are part of the move. Together you can look-up photos, history, and facts about your new community.

Prepare for Cultural Barriers.

Discuss the main differences between your home and your new host country. Prepare your children for the cultural differences they may experience while abroad.¬†Start introducing your children to your new host country’s language. Being prepared and open about these new differences will help your children adjust to their new environment.

Talk to Their New School.

Make your child a part of conversations about their new school. If possible, allow them to start communicating with teachers and join online school communities to start reaching out to future classmates. 90 days before your move you should obtain any transfer certificates needed for your children’s new school.¬†

Make Packing a Family Activity.

Let your children make packing decisions. They know what is important to them, so let them tell you. Allow them to have a voice in what to bring and what to leave behind. Since you can’t bring everything help them research what items and resources will be available in your new country.

Create Plans to Stay in Touch.

Help your children create a plan to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones back home. Creating a solid plan for how they will communicate with friends will help ease their concerns. Research time differences, long-distance rates, and internet connections before you go so that your kids have assurance they will be able to stay in touch.

Encourage Making New Friends.

Talk to your children about how they can make new friends, and how you will help them meet people in their new community. Help them meet new families in your community, connect with other expat families, and get them involved in play groups, school events, and extracurricular activities.

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