A-2 Visas: What You Need to Know

The A-2 visa is a diplomatic visa for representatives of foreign governments in the United States in an official capacity

Interested in moving to the United States? Learn more about the A-2 Visa to find out if it’s the correct visa for you. A-2 Visas Guide

International AutoSource created the Expat visa guide A-2 Visas: What You Need to Know to educate individuals interested in applying for a visa to move to the United States.

A-2 Visas: What You Need to Know provides information on:
  • Who is eligible for a A-2 Visa
  • How to apply for an A-2 Visa
  • What documentation is needed to apply

Plus, learn what to do after you’re approved for your A-2 Visa! Start planning your move with housing, transportation, and more!

Did you know that you know that Foreign Nationals who qualify for the A-2 visa are exempt from paying visa fees? Download your guide to learn what else you need to know about the A-2 Visa program!

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