10 Signs You’re Americanized

If you’ve been living in the United States for a while, you may have noticed that you’ve begun to do things differently.

Here are the 10 signs that you’ve been Americanized:
American Flag Sunrise
1. American Football

When your coworkers talk about Sunday’s football game, you know they’re talking about the game with helmets and linebackers…and you actually watched!

2. Sales Tax

You’ve come to realize that the price listed on the item is NOT the price you will pay for the item at the counter. But you still wonder why they don’t just include sales tax on the price sticker.

3. Awesome

Everything is awesome! So awesome, there’s even a song about it. You’ve noticed that you commonly respond “awesome”, even when it’s just not that awesome.

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4. Baseball

You not only understand baseball, but you’ve grown to enjoy it. You realize that nothing is more American than visiting the ballpark on a summer night and eating a hot dog with a beer.

5. The Star Spangled Banner

All that time at the ballpark means that you not only recognize the National Anthem, you’ve started to remember the words.

6. Ice

You know by now that American’s put ice in all their beverages; water, soda, juice. And by golly, you’ve actually started to enjoy it! You’ve even been caught adding ice to drinks in your own home.

7. American Flag

Whether you fly it on your porch, hang it on your wall, or ironically wear it on your shirt, somewhere in your home or closet you have an American Flag.

8. Inches, Feet, and Miles

Admit it, you’ve started to learn the American standard of measurement, and you might even like it.

9. Fahrenheit

You may think it’s unnecessarily complicated, but you know that 32 degrees means it’s freezing and 212 degrees is the boiling point.

10. Tipping

Tipping has become second nature to you. You know that when the bill comes around you’re going to be throwing down an extra 10-20%.

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