10 Great Summertime Escapes

2017 Escape

Sometimes the start of your next adventure is sitting in your driveway… especially when your ride is the Ford Escape. 

The Ford Escape is perfect for adventure, it has seating for five and enough cargo space for all your gear. That’s why the Ford team came up with “Ten Great Escapes for Summer” to take in your SUV this summer.

Add these ten “escapes” to your summertime bucket list!

  1. Visit a National Park
  2. Take a Famous Route
  3. Roller-Coaster Road Trip
  4. Enjoy a Historical Holiday
  5. Go Geocaching
  6. Fun for Foodies
  7. Explore the Coasts
  8. Go Off the Beaten Path
  9.  Go Camping (or Glamping)
  10. Celebrate Independence Day

Read more about these Great Escapes!

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