Does Your Country Pay More Than The World Average For A Liter Of Gasoline?

Pumping Gas

The price of gas can differ around the world, depending on the availability and demand of gasoline in your country. In specific countries, gas can have a low demand; while other countries have a high demand. This will help determine if the price is above or below the average. The average price of gasoline in 2017 around the world is 1.08 U.S. Dollars per liter.

Average gasoline price per liter for selected countries in August 2017 (in U.S. Dollars)

If you’re worried about your country having high gasoline prices, there are a few ways you can reduce your gasoline consumption. Changing gas prices is not something we can control but there are aspects to gas intake that can be controlled. There are ways of getting around a high gas bill while still being able to travel where you need. By being proactive, it will allow you to prepare and save:

  1.  Drive under the speed limit to help decrease your mileage and burn out less gas.
  2.  Stay at a steady speed and use cruise control.
  3.  Turn off the engine when you are not driving.
  4.  Reduce the weight in your vehicle.
  5.  Try to purchase gas away from highways. Gas prices near the highways are going to be more expensive than they would be in a neighborhood.
  6.  Download a gas app to find the gas station nearby with the lowest gas prices.
  7.  Reduce the amount you use your air conditioning. Even though it is a great luxury, air conditioning consumes a lot of gas.
  8.  Plan out how many miles you will be driving daily and how much gas you will need throughout the week.

By taking advantage of these tips it will help save you money in your country!

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