8 Ways to Make New Friends

By:  Gabriella Dill

8 Ways To Make New Friends

Moving to a new city can be rough; however, the fun part is learning your way around your new city and making new friends in the process. Wandering around your new neighborhood can result in discovering a new café, restaurant, or your new favorite park. Making a new group of friends is one of the harder aspects of relocating. Not only are you trying to navigate your way around a new city and get settled into a new home, but you’re also trying to find people you can trust and connect with. Don’t worry, here are some quick and easy tips to help you find your new group of friends!

  1. Exercise: Not only will this be great for your health, but you will make friends while doing it! You can join a gym and take classes, or join a specified gym (CrossFit, yoga, barre, or kickboxing). You will be with a group of people with a similar interest and the more you go, the more you will begin to recognize people and connect with them. Another option would be to join a sports league. There are so many adult leagues for team sports (soccer, softball, basketball, kickball); find one in your town and join.
  2. Become a Regular: Find a café, coffee shop, or bar. The employees will start to recognize you as well as the other regulars! Strike up a conversation with someone and start going to that place together.
  3. Facebook Groups: Join some Facebook groups that you relate to. Do you like knitting, gardening, or dancing? Join groups related to that and start to be active within the group.
  4. Take a Class: Look up the local community center or community college and take a class. Have you always wanted to learn photography or ceramics? Take a class and meet new people with similar interests!
  5. Volunteer: If you have free time, find an organization and volunteer. There are so many animal shelters that need volunteers, as well as museums, and hospitals. They are always looking for people willing to help out.
  6. Hidden Gems: Research your new town; ask other people where the hidden gems are. You don’t want to keep going to all the touristy spots so find out where the locals go to spend their free time!
  7. Dog Parks: If you have a dog this is a great place to make new friends. Your 4-legged friend may make some friends too. Dog people are usually very friendly!
  8. Your Job: This is the, “hidden in plain sight” way to make new friends! Your office is most likely going to be the first place you will meet new people, and you already have a common interest. Ask them for advice on your new home town: restaurants to try, activities you can do, clubs/teams for your kids etc. then invite them to join you while you learn more about your new city.

The key to all of these suggestions is to be brave, get out there, and start a conversation. Moving to a new city is an adventure, take advantage of all the new experiences. Once you’ve settled into your new home and found your routine, it’ll be exciting to make new friends to share your new life with!

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