[PRESS RELEASE] International AutoSource (IAS) Announces Expansion

International AutoSource Expansion

Media Contact: James Krulder, Director, International AutoSource (IAS), 516.496.1810, jkrulder@intlauto.com

International AutoSource (IAS) Announces Expansion

WOODBURY, NY (February 12, 2018) – International AutoSource (IAS), a leading full-service provider of transportation solutions for expats, is proud to announce its continued global expansion.  To better serve the growing needs of the global mobility community, IAS now provides its services in more than 150 countries worldwide.

IAS provides value added services and benefits specifically designed for expats and the global community. Through outstanding service, value, and support, IAS strives to make assignments into foreign countries as seamless as possible, by providing car leasing, financing and all-inclusive rentals for expats who are moving to a foreign country and don’t have a local credit history.

The company’s recent growth reflects its ongoing commitment to expanding its services to meet the changing needs of the global mobility community it serves.  To that end, IAS continues to devise unique programs that are specifically geared to make life easier for its clients and their mobile workforce throughout the world.

Most recently, IAS expanded its ReadyDrive program, which is an all-inclusive car rental program designed to serve the needs of employees who relocate to foreign countries on a short-term basis.  Many of those employees prefer to rent a vehicle during their stay, and the ReadyDrive program makes it easy for them to do just that, while offering many benefits, such as spouse/employee vehicle sharing.

Highlights of the ReadyDrive program include:

  • Preferred rates in all regions
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Flexible billing options
  • Direct billing in 150+ countries
  • Single point of contact

The ReadyDrive program is currently available to international and domestic assignees, and offers preferred rates in the Americas, APAC and EMEA.

“As the global mobility community continues to expand, IAS and ReadyDrive will continue to expand with it,” said James Krulder, director of IAS.  “I think that it’s extremely important today for a company to not only recognize the needs of their clients and partners, but more importantly to design and deliver the very best solutions to meet those changing needs. IAS is committed to providing transportation solutions to our clients and their employees, wherever and whenever they are needed.”

About International AutoSource (IAS)

IAS is the expatriate consumer division of OMSC, Overseas Military Sales Corp, the global distributor of vehicles to our Armed Forces, Diplomats and U.S. government employees for over 50 years. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped thousands of people with their personal transportation needs when relocating. Together, we are the largest global distributor of vehicles in the world.

Our unique programs provide maximum cost-savings, flexible terms and low-cost insurance with award-winning service on all manufacturer models.  Our programs are designed to save our clients valuable time, money and resources, while our culture of service excellence provides convenience to help ensure a seamless transition.

We are trusted and award-winning experts with over 50 years of experience assisting the global community.  IAS is the preferred global transportation provider and has assisted over 50,000 customers to date.

For more information about IAS, our ReadyDrive program, and to learn about car financing, leasing and all-inclusive rentals for Expats, please visit our website: www.intlauto.com.


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