Customer Corner- “Kudos to the entire team.”


Each month, we share videos and testimonials from Expats around the world who financed or leased a car from International AutoSource (IAS). As a leading provider of Expat car leasing, financing, and car rentals, it’s our priority to make sure every customer leaves happy!

Why do Expats love International AutoSource? We’ll let them tell you themselves!

Thumbs up!

“I’m writing this email to give a feedback about Rob. He did a great job in keeping in tough, providing timely response and he was so committed and went out of the way to ensure all my requirements and requests were met. I should say that but for Rob, my decision would not have been so quick and seamless. Kudos to the entire team. Right now, i’m eagerly looking forward for your best deals on insurance and taking the delivery of car. Quite excited!!” -Ragav

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