7 Lifestyle Aspects to Consider When Buying a New Car

By: Gabriella Dill

Buying new things is always exciting. One of the most exciting new purchases you can make is a new car. Hello, I’m talking new car smell here! Everyone loves that new car smell. When purchasing a car, it is important to take your lifestyle into consideration to make sure you pick the best car for you. There are so many options, and it can be overwhelming figuring out which car will be the best choice; but, that’s where International AutoSource (IAS) comes in. IAS wants to make the car buying process as simple as possible so they put together seven aspects that you can consider when picking out your new car.


Where you live has a huge impact on the kind of car you are looking to purchase. When living in a city, you will most likely want a car that is compact or full size so you can parallel park, squeeze into small parking spaces on the street, and get through traffic quickly and efficiently. Whereas in the suburbs, you have the most options to consider, SUVs, compact, full size, the list goes on.  Most homes in the suburbs have a garage or at least a designated parking spot to park in. This means you will not have to worry about squeezing into small parking spaces as often, plus, traffic won’t be as stop and go as it might be in a city. If you happen to be living in a rural area, you may drive on unpaved roads more often than if you were in a city and an SUV would be a great option.


Whether you have a family or you’re on your own will influence what kind of car will be the best purchase for you. If you don’t have a partner or children, you can pick a car based solely on your needs and what kind of activities you enjoy. Just pick what you want! IAS has numerous options to pick from to find your dream vehicle. If you have children (including furbabies) or plan to have children soon, you may want to pick something more practical, and practical doesn’t mean “uncool.” There are some amazing SUVs and small SUVs with self-parking, Bluetooth, and sunroofs that would be a great option for a family. Having children means you may want a car that can easily fit a car seat, football gear, or maybe muddy paws on the back seat. A two-door car would not be ideal if you have your teenagers and their friends getting in and out of the car constantly for school and activities.


You may be living in the suburbs but work in the city. Do you have a long commute each day? Or are you using your car to run errands and don’t have to drive long distances? Based on how far you will be driving on average you will want to consider the gas mileage. A compact or full size would be a great choice if you will be driving longer distances because they use less gas. If you have short and quick trips, then a compact, full size, small SUV or SUV would all be good options when you consider your other needs as well.


Road trips are a fun way to see more of the world without having to worry about fitting everything in a suitcase. This could be a weekend getaway or a longer vacation. Along with mileage, you may want to consider size. Will you be camping out, off-roading, or taking your kids on the trip? If you enjoy traveling and need to bring camping gear or need room for a lot of luggage, you may want to consider small SUVs and SUV options. SUVs have more storage for travel gear (tents, bikes, luggage, etc.) whereas a compact or full-size may not provide as much room. Since SUV’s are bigger than a compact or full-size, there will be more breathing room inside the vehicle if you plan to travel with multiple people. If your road trip doesn’t require camping gear and/or other large items, then you may want to consider a compact or full-size vehicle. Those are great options if you plan on packing just a suitcase because they will help you save on gas throughout your trip. If road trips are not your thing, then any car will be a great option for you!


This is similar to what you will consider if you travel or not but there are a few additional things to think about. If you have a family with kids and possibly pets, you may need a larger vehicle. A small SUV or SUV will provide you with space for all of your kids’ belongings; pets can fit in the backseat, or even if the vehicle is just for you, but your job involves a lot of materials you will have space for everything! Think about what you will want to load into your vehicle on a daily basis. If most of your job materials are already at work and you only need to bring yourself and your purse or briefcase, you will be perfectly happy with any of the vehicle options that International AutoSource has to offer – compact, full size, small SUV or SUV!


The weather is something you should take into consideration when purchasing a car as well. If you live somewhere with rugged terrain or lots of snow you may want to look into an option with 4-wheel drive such as small SUVs and SUVs. If you are living somewhere that the sun always shines, you can pick from a wide range of vehicle types from compact vehicles to SUVs, but you may also want to take your vehicle color into consideration. A darker color exterior and interior may cause your car to be hot while a lighter color will give you a little relief during those beautiful sunny days. If you live somewhere that you get to experience all four seasons, then you may not need to consider car color, but thinking about the tires is important.


As mentioned before, based on where you are living and working you will have different parking options. If you only have the option of street parking or a small parking area, whether this is at home or work, you may want to consider a compact or full-size vehicle to give yourself more options to park and not have to stress about where you would park each day. If you can park in a garage, driveway, or a designated parking spot, you have the luxury of picking whichever vehicle fits best with the other aspects of your lifestyle.


No matter what, the choice is yours! There are so many variables to consider when purchasing a new car. These are just a few aspects to think about when you start to look for a vehicle in order to find the one that would be the best option for your lifestyle. Luckily, there is no right or wrong answer; it is what fits you best! If you have any questions about specific makes or models, you can contact International AutoSource, and they will be happy to help!

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