Drive Into Spring Safely

Safe driving tips for spring

April showers bring May flowers! During this month of rain, it is imperative to keep a few tips in mind while spring drives in.

  1. Wet driving conditions: Spring showers will be in full effect. Try to avoid puddles and make sure to drive at an appropriate speed.
  2. Share the road: The warm weather is starting to arrive, which means more people will be riding their bike, roller blading, walking or riding their motorcycle. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and share the road.
  3. Pot holes: Winter time is known for creating lots of pot holes. As spring approaches and potholes are still slowly getting fixed, try to slow down while you go over the potholes or go around them. By hitting a pothole, your car can be thrown out of alignment or can give you a flat tire. Be careful.
  4. Tire pressure: The weather temperature is changing and with that so is your tire pressure. Make sure to check your tire pressure, so you are ready to safely drive during the spring weather.
  5. Children are playing: Warm weather means children will now start to play outside. Pay extra attention while behind the wheel in residential areas and school zones. Make sure to slow down, so you and the children you may pass are safe at all times.

Remember to stay focused on the task of driving this spring. Enjoy the warm weather that is arriving and stay safe!


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