15 Fun Activities To Do In The Summer

Beach- It is a great feeling having sand in between your toes. Whether it’s the ocean, lake, or river, swimming and building sand castles is a great way to spend the summer.

Pool- Time to take out the pool floats! Buy a pool float in the shape of a pizza slice or unicorn for example and float around the pool. You can even have a diving or swimming competition. There are so many fun pool activities for children and adults.

Kayaking/Boating/Jet Sking-If you have the need for speed this may be a great activity for you. Nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and floating on water.

Fishing-Fishing is a fun activity for both children and adults. It is so gratifying catching a fish on your own. Whether it be fishing on shore or from a boat it is a great time!

Play sports-Basketball, football, soccer, or gymnastics are all a fun way to enjoy the weather and stay active. There are so many sports that can be played outside both on your own or with a partner/group.

Take a hike-There are many levels of difficulty when it comes to hiking. You can go on a nice simple hike or you can go on a challenging one. It depends on what you feel comfortable with but both options are fun.

Go camping- Did someone say smores!? This for some is the best part of camping. Spend a night or 2 in the forest or on the beach with family and friends. Camping gives you the opportunity to grill, play games, relax and make smores.

Winery- This activity is for adults only but a must try this summer. Walk through the vineyards and go wine tasting. Some vineyards even have live music for you to enjoy while sipping some wine.

Golfing/Mini golf- During the winter golfers take advantage of indoor driving ranges but this is your opportunity to benefit from the beautiful weather and play outside. If golf isn’t your thing then you can try mini golf. It is a lot of fun and great to try with kids.

Have a BBQ-Hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken! All great foods to have at a BBQ and taste great! Having a BBQ is a great way to spend time with friends and family. The options are endless.

Go to the park-Water park or neighborhood park, the choice is yours. All parks are a fantastic way to get the kids outside and enjoy the summer warmth.

Read a book outside-Just because school is out doesn’t mean the brain shuts off. Buy a new book, lay out a blanket outside and enjoy.

Zoo-Lions, tigers and bears oh my! A trip to the zoo is another activity idea for this summer. Not only is it fun, but it will educate you and your children on the different animals.

Bike ride/Roller blade/Run-There are options for everyone to stay active outside. Whether you have a family or not this activity allows you to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors. Try going for a run or bike ride in an area with beautiful scenery. Nothing like a beautiful view!

Have a picnic-Grab a basket and pack all your favorite foods. Jump in the car and drive to a relaxing location. Once you find the winning location lay out a blanket and indulge in all the goodies you packed.

Enjoy everything the summer has to offer! For some the warm weather only comes for a few months a year so this is your chance to enjoy the sun.

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