Plan For The Big Move: Logistics Checklist

Plan For The Big Move: Logistics Checklist

Moving to the USA for a new work assignment can be an exciting, yet stressful time. We have compiled a comprehensive list of things within 6 core categories to keep in mind for your move to the USA. Your situation will be unique and most likely have other considerations to add to this checklist but our intent is to help get you started in planning ahead. Make sure to research, understand, and take advantage of what resources your employer provides to support you with items on this checklist. Most importantly, plan ahead as much as you can, take one step at a time, and stay calm. Read below for the logistics checklist.

Logistics Checklist


Plan your personal schedule.

  • Book travel arrangements.
  • Book an interim hotel stay.
  • Reserve an interim short-term rental vehicle if you haven’t arranged for your long-term vehicles before the move.
  • Research and consider trip insurance for any unanticipated changes that might occur before your travel dates.

Hire a moving service.

  • Select a moving service and secure arrangements to meet your needs.
  • Add the contact person for the moving company to your phone contacts to reach them when needed.
  • Document all moving expenses incurred for potential tax deduction purposes.

Get organized for the move.

  • Use this opportunity to downsize your belongings and sell, donate, or purge any unused or unnecessary items.
  • Arrange for local storage of any large items you wish to keep but not relocate with.
  • Begin prepping and packing items for your relocation.


Download the full relocation checklist to see what items every expatriate should consider when planning a move to the USA.


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