15 Road Trip Hacks

You’ve relocated to your new country and ready to explore so what better way to do that than a road trip! Pack up your suitcase and go sight see different locations. Take advantage of all the new places around you. Here are a few trip hacks to keep in mind while preparing for your next road trip:

  1. Use an app such as GasBuddy to find the lowest gas prices along your travel route
  2. Put your meals in shower caddies to help stay organized
  3. Bring a towel to put on your lap to avoid making a mess while you eat
  4. Be sure to screen shot your directions in case you lose phone service at any point throughout the drive
  5. Always have a car phone charger to keep your phone on 100% at all times
  6. There are many dashboard phone holders out there so it is beneficial to purchase one so you can safely drive and follow GPS directions
  7. If you have any children riding in the back seat, putting an iPad holder/iPad on the back of the head rest makes it convenient for them to watch movies
  8. Pack napkins, wipes and utensils for all the road meals
  9. Bring a cooler to keep all items chilled
  10. Use a plastic cereal container as a DIY trash can with a lid. No one likes a messy car!
  11. Want to take a nap throughout the ride? Bring a travel neck pillow to allow you to sleep in comfort. For added comfort bring a blanket for the ride.
  12. Use suction shower organizers for the window to hold children’s toys in the back seat
  13. Cookie trays act as great desks for children in the back seat to color. Sometimes it is great to get the children away from the electronics for a bit.
  14. Know which side of the road your exit will be on based off what side of the sign the exit number is on
  15. Pack a plastic bag with pain reliever, band aids, hand sanitizer, Gatorade and tissues in case someone isn’t feeling well along the way

It’s time to take on the open road! Avoid unnecessary pit stops by following these simple steps. Drive safely and enjoy exploring!

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