Hospicio de San Jose Purchases New Van with IAS Donation

At International AutoSource (IAS), our goal is to help others wherever we can. In January, IAS traveled to Hospicio de San Jose in the Philippines as part of the IAS Gives Back initiative. This is an annual visit to this Catholic welfare institution and home for orphans, special needs children and the elderly we make to donate money earned from every vehicle sold through our Healthcare Program. We would like to extend a special thanks to our healthcare customers and partners for helping to make this donation possible.

The IAS team said of their recent visit to Hospicio De San Jose, “It was heartwarming to see the good work Sister Corrie, her staff and volunteers are doing for the poorest of the poor in their community. Hospicio is helping orphans, abandoned elderly, special needs, and others by providing housing, education, healthcare, food. and other life essential needs. Of course, there is a huge need for ongoing support, and IAS is very proud to have supported Hospicio for 8 straight years. This year, we were able to contribute towards purchasing a much-needed school bus to help their resident children access education at nearby schools, and we were delighted to see how quickly our donation was put into action to address this immediate need.”

Since 2010, IAS has been visiting Hospicio de San Jose. This year we made another generous donation, and we look forward to making future contributions. In the past eight years, we have shown our support by donating almost $60,000 to the orphanage. With this year’s donation Hospicio de San Jose purchased a van to transport children to and from school. Each year we enjoy being able to give back and see the smiles on theses childrens’ faces. They remind us that we’re making a difference in their life with the contribution we make.

About the International AutoSource Healthcare Program

IAS has helped over 50,000 expats get vehicles in the United States. We have strategic partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers offering preferred pricing and financing options without a U.S. credit history to healthcare workers. Our Product Specialists guide them through the process from vehicle quotes to registration, licensing and delivery of your vehicle.

We contribute a portion of the money from each vehicle sold through the Healthcare Program to this amazing cause.

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