How a Vehicle Can Help You Adapt to Your New School in the U.S.

(Updated 3/13/20) Your choice to go to school in the U.S. is exciting and you’ll certainly want to experience as much as you can in your new country and school. A car will open up so much more of what you want to explore and also help you adapt to your new school and home in the U.S.

1. Get Familiar with Your School Surroundings

We all feel more comfortable with a new home when we become more familiar with our surroundings. A vehicle gives you the ability to get out and see the town or city where your school is located. Once you’ve found some favorite places to go, you’re bound to feel more at ease.

2. Go to Local Events Near Your School

Cities in the U.S. will often put on festivals and other local events that speak to what’s important to the residents there and some of their local traditions. You can learn a lot about the people around you by attending these events. If you have a car, it’s much easier to get to any of the city’s affairs that you’re interested in. It also gives you the opportunity to offer a ride to anyone else who might want to go, which helps you get to know other students.

3. Enhance your School Breaks

A vehicle empowers you to make your breaks from classes better. Road trips are perfect ways to go see places you’ve wanted to see your whole life. The highway system in the U.S. allows for easy road travel to pretty much anywhere you want to go in the continental United States. You and some new friends can make memories that will last a lifetime by taking a road trip on any of your breaks.

4. Carpool and Meet Friends

There’s a good possibility that you don’t live in or won’t be living in a dorm on the campus. In fact, according to one analyst, the majority of college students in the U.S. live off campus. Driving your own car is the easiest way to ensure you make it to class on time.

You can also use your car to help others, who may live close by, make it to class on time. You can leverage your vehicle to make new friends, inside and outside of school. Start a carpool to campus and you’re likely to build relationships in the process.

5. Self-Reliance With a Car is a Confidence Builder

Driving at night at school

In general terms, owning your own car allows you to be more self-reliant. You don’t have to adhere to public transportation schedules, bum rides from friends or family or miss out on activities because you don’t have a way to get there.

You’ll feel confident in making plans with any of your fellow students. You can get to know what’s around the area, so you feel more at home. You’ll have the freedom to go where you want, when you want. A vehicle stretches your reach, giving you the ability to rely on just you for providing what you need to feel more sure of yourself.

How a car helps you at school

If any of this relevant to your situation, then let us help you find a car that will meet your specific needs. At IAS, we specialize in helping international students with getting vehicles to use while they’re attending school abroad. Contact IAS today for more information about our program.



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