International AutoSource (IAS) Partners with Rentco Africa to offer vehicle leasing and financing solutions to expats in Africa

Available in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda expats can now get competitive finance and lease rates on vehicles without a local credit or driving history.

WOODBURY, NY (PRWeb – December 15, 2020)  International AutoSource, the leading provider of vehicles to the global expatriate community, announced a new partnership for the expansion of their expat program into six African countries. Through this new partnership with RentCo Africa, expats moving to or currently located in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda can now take advantage of flexible financing and leasing solutions without a local credit or driving history in Africa. IAS can also offer expatriates all-inclusive car rental solutions through their global rental program. These tailored vehicle programs are designed to meet short- or long-term assignment needs.

Expat Program in Africa

The IAS programs in Africa offers expatriates the following benefits:

  • Low-cost finance and lease rates
  • All manufacturer makes and models, new and used
  • No local credit or driving history required
  • Access to competitive auto insurance

As the vehicle experts for expats, International AutoSource continues its mission for the global expansion of its services to better serve the relocating global community.

“This program expansion furthers our company’s commitment to meet the changing needs of the global mobility community we serve. We are excited to partner with RentCo Africa and offer a trusted program to expatriates moving to Central and Sub Saharan Africa that delivers the highest  level of customer service and satisfaction.” – David Goldring, Chairman and CEO

About International AutoSource (IAS)

As the trusted experts for expats, IAS has helped over 50,000 customers with their personal transportation needs. IAS provides factory-backed financing programs for foreign executives, healthcare professionals, students and teachers with low rates and no local credit history required. Clients save valuable time, money and resources through a simple and streamlined program so they can focus on their work assignment or academic program.

IAS is the expatriate consumer division of OMSC, (Overseas Military Sales Corp.), the global distributor of vehicles to the U.S. Armed Forces, Diplomats and U.S. government employees for almost 60 years. Together, they are the largest global distributor of vehicles in the world.

For more information about the IAS car financing, leasing and all-inclusive rental programs, please visit our website: For partnership opportunities and to learn about vehicle solutions for your relocating assignees, please visit

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