IAS Roundup: The “Working Abroad Index” – the U.S. Ranks High

Rankings for Expat Career Opportunities in the US

In the “Working Abroad Index” from Expat Insider, the US ranks very high for career opportunities for people who live and work abroad.

High Expat Rankings for the US in he “Working Abroad Index”

The US ranks 1st for the local job market as well as career prospects.

In addition to giving a boost to their careers, expats value many aspects of US work culture. They agree that the local business culture encourages creativity, promotes independent work and/or flat hierarchies, and supports flexibility. Overall, the USA ranks 7th in the Work Culture & Satisfaction Subcategory.

Reasons Why People Relocate to the U.S.: Jobs and School

The most common reasons expats come to the US are to go to school or university (15%), or for work (13%). Expats in the US are most likely to work in healthcare, information technology and education. 12% say they move here for #LOVE. ❤️

Downside of Relocation to the US for Work

While approximately 75% of expats are happy in the United States, one of the biggest downsides is the lack of transit outside of major metropolitan cities and the burden this presents. The US ranks in the bottom for those countries surveyed over the availability of public transportation.

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