Global Expats Car Program: Insights from IAS Workshop

Global Expat Car Program

Keeping an assignee and their family mobile is as vital as any other element of a new work assignment.

Watch as Director James Krulder of International AutoSource (IAS) shares his expertise during a Workshop hosted by Global Mobility Journeys (GMJ).  

James answers the following questions:  

  • How quickly can an expat get a car?
  • What support is available for those without credit?
  • What does an assignee need to lease a car?

GMJ Workshop: USA & Global Expats Car Leasing

Video Playback

Watch the video here.

More to Come with IAS and GMJ 

The GMJ Workshop program continues in 2024. Visit the GMJ website here for a calendar of events.

With Our Thanks 

Thanks to the GMJ Ambassadors and HR Mobility guests for joining us. Your participation made this event a success.  

Connect with International AutoSource for your assignees and we’ll help them get driving upon arrival.

About International AutoSource

For over 25 years, International AutoSource has continuously assisted our partners to enhance their own programs. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped over 50,000 relocating internationals with their personal transportation needs. Whether your company or service requires vehicles for a relocating employee or for an international client, we’ve got you covered. Developed by expats for the international community our program is not your typical car buying experience.

We offer customizable financing, leasing, and rental programs designed to fit your company and assignees. Our programs and services are available in more than 150 countries worldwide. IAS is committed to simplifying and streamlining an individual’s relocation experience.

Learn more about how we can help your employees or assignees.

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