IAS offers Expats full service personal transportation solutions for financing, purchasing and leasing without a local credit history and worldwide car rental. Our financing, purchasing and leasing programs provide cost savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars on a vehicle, saving our customers valuable time and resources while building a much needed local credit history.

Our programs are designed for your peace of mind by making your new vehicle purchase safe, convenient and enjoyable! Exclusive guarantees for your assurance include Lowest price guarantee (Preferred program only), satisfaction guarantee and delivery date guarantee. Contact us for more information.


Our Preferred program provides Expats access to exclusive pricing providing savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars on their new vehicle. Most importantly this program provides access to the manufacturers financing and leasing programs. The manufacturer themselves will provide the most aggressive residuals and lowest interest rates for their own vehicles typically ranging from 0.9-5.9%. Access to the manufacturers’ financing and leasing program without a local credit history is a huge price advantage for any Expat. All vehicles include full manufacturer warranty protection.

Expat’s may custom order their vehicle or choose from a large inventory of vehicles in stock. This cost savings program is for expatriates who initiate prior to their relocation, If you have already relocated you are still eligible for our Advantage Program.


Our Advantage program negotiates with local dealerships on the Expat’s behalf for the best vehicle price. This program provides access to every manufacturer model, new or used. Expats have the option of financing or leasing with rates varying between 4.75-7% depending on the model and country of relocation. Decision on the Advantage program can be made overseas or after relocation in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Our Healthcare program provides medical professionals entering the United States the opportunity to finance a car. We offer affordable down payments, exclusive guarantees, and flexible finance terms to fit your needs and budget. Our program saves you money while building a much needed credit history in the United States. We offer personal concierge service from order through delivery of your vehicle including financing, registration and licensing.

IAS is committed to improving the quality of life worldwide. In order to show our support, IAS will make a donation to Hospicio de San Jose in Manilla, Philippines for every vehicle purchased through this program. To learn more, please visit:


Flex Program offers you the option to finance or lease a vehicle you have sourced through any authorized dealership. You can buy or lease any manufacturer model, new or used. Expats have the option of financing with rates varying between 5.5-7.0% depending on the model. This flexible solution is available after your relocation once you have selected and negotiated the price of your chosen vehicle.

Thousands of teachers, scholars, physicians, and specialists among others visit the U.S. on a J1 visa each year. International AutoSource has created a program to fit their needs and help them become mobile in the U.S. without having a U.S. credit history. Benefits for J1 visa holders include: Privileged savings on vehicles, custom order or choose from vehicles in stock, flexible finance and lease terms to fit your budget, low cost insurance programs, award-winning concierge service, and IAS Guarantees.