9 Signs You’re An Expat .

You Know You’re an Expat When…

world map

1. You can calculate time zone differences off the top of your head.

You learned this skill quickly after an accidental call home at 4am…

2. Your passport is starting to look like just one giant stamp.

It used to be cool, now it’s just inconvenient. When people ask where you’re from you ask “Long story, or short?
Do they really want to know about the years you spent studying abroad in Paris?

4. You’re an expert when it comes to recovering from jet lag.

12 hours on a plane, that’s child’s play.

5. You have ex’s in more countries than most of your friends have ever visited.

That fling in Italy?…yeah, let’s not talk about that one.

6. Being asked for a “permanent address” sends you into a panic.

You’re an Expat, permanent has sort of lost it’s meaning to you.

7. Your wallet has two forms of currencies in it at all times.

Sure you haven’t been in the U.S. for 5 years, but that’s your lucky dollar!

8. Your accent has become a blend of many difference places.

You can see people scratching their heads every time you open your mouth.

9. Your sense of adventure keeps driving you to explore more of this amazing world.

…and you wouldn’t change it for anything



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