5 Items UK Expats Need in the USA

Moving from the UK to the USA? Here are a few must-have items for your move:

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4-7 Adapters

Don’t want to  throw away all your electronics? You shouldn’t have to, but do come fully stocked with an assortment of adapters. This way you won’t find yourself constantly plugging and unplugging your items to share the 1 or 2 adapters you did remember to bring. NOTE – You will have to buy an American hairdryer due to the voltage difference.

A U.S. Cellphone

Making local calls on your British mobile will end up costing you a fortune. Get yourself a U.S. cell phone. Contracts are more expensive than in the UK, so investigate pay-as-you-go plans.

Measuring Cups

In the U.S. recipes and ingredients are measured in cups, instead of pounds and ounces. Purchase a set of standardized measuring cups from any home-goods store or market.

Pharmaceutical Starter Kit

Spend time familiarizing yourself with over-the-counter drugs in the U.S., and create a starter kit for yourself with all the essentials. Packaging is very different in the U.S. and not as straight-forward as it is in the UK. It’s better to take the time before you get sick to get familiarized.

A U.S. Driver’s License

Unless you’re living in a major city like Manhattan, chances are you will be needing a vehicle to get around. A U.S. driver’s license will be a requirement in some states to register and license a vehicle. Learn more about obtaining your U.S. License.

What’s your #1 relocation must-have? Tell us in the comments below!

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