Renting a Car in a Foreign Country

Business Travel Executive magazine recently did a feature on the increasing role rental car companies play in the global mobility industry.

The Roads More Traveled

By Jerome Greer Chandler

Rental car companies rev up their response to customer demands for technology, access, and global presence.

Convenience is king in the car rental business – getting the vehicle that you want, almost wherever you are right now, and keeping it only as long as you really need it to take you where you want to go.

“The car rental industry is changing to become much more focused on the convenience and needs of the traveler,” says Bill Knepper, ground transportation subject matter expert for Advito Consulting, an independent division of BCD Travel.

Source: Business Travel Executive

IAS  World Wide Rental Car Program

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Program Benefits
– Savings up to 50% compared to the best corporate rates.
– Multiple vehicle classifications.
– Comprehensive insurance included.
– Roadside assistance.
– Spouse and employee sharing at no additional cost.
– Flexible billing options.
– Award-winning concierge service.

World Wide Car Rental

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