Real Advice from Expats in the United States

Get tips and advice from real expats!

International AutoSource has surveyed Expats from around the world who moved to the United States over the past two years. We asked them a number of questions, including what advice would you give to a friend and fellow expat?

Below we collected some of the best advice these Expats shared!

expat advice

“Make a plan. Make it early. Start reading about your destination. Get the company to get you a phone that is waiting for you on arrival. Costs them next to nothing, eases your life by about a million dollars’ worth. Oh, and take every piece of advice with a pinch of salt.”Damian H.

“Save some money before move for another country. Bring a credit card, because sometimes only money is not enough. Try to buy things before move. As you don’t have credit history, the things will be more difficult.”Rivael S. 

“Get your SSN early, everything in the US requires it…” Michael S.

“If I had to go through international move again certainly I’d like to use help from professionals. They are patient in listening and understanding what your real needs are and what are your struggles and craft solution fitting perfectly and preventing you making mistakes, which often can be expensive. International AutoSource, certainly is on my list of professionals I strongly recommend.”Boguslaw S. 

“The best advice is to say yes to everything and to everyone for the first few months. Experience what the new culture is about and give it time, things can only get better!”Carla C. 

“Count with good experts, rely on companies that already have a long history of good achievements on transition projects as we had the chance to have. Ask for a good checklist from your fellow Expat, this could save you time and always ask for these good contacts. Have patience, a good sense of humour and never stop dreaming!”Andre G. 

“Don’t worry about your kids learning the host country language ahead of time, they learn so fast that it is not a big problem. Do pay special attention to your spouse, and she/he is the one with the least support structure (you have work, the kids the school).” – Marcelo C. 

What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Tell us in the comments below!

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