Adapting to the American Convenience Culture

America can be described as a “now” culture. Americans are accustomed to living a convenient lifestyle, where most necessities are easily accessible at all times. It can be an adjustment for foreigners to get used to this lifestyle, but overall most find it to be a positive change.

Below are examples of what makes the U.S. a convenience culture:

American Flag 2

24/7 Stores 

Many groceries, drug stores, and other markets are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Certain fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s, can be counted among the many conveniences available at all hours of the day. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a craving at 2am, or pick up some household essentials at 4am, chances are you will find a place open to do so.


Too busy to shop? Many businesses in America allow you to pre-order your items online, so when you show up at the store they are waiting and ready to go. You can pre-order from grocery stores, department stores, and many fast-food restaurants.


In America you can order your food from the convenience of your own vehicle when you go through the Drive-Thru. Order your food, pay, and pick it up, all without ever stepping foot on the ground.

Free Refills 

Not only do restaurants in the U.S. have to offer you free water, but most will refill your fountain drinks for free. Drink up, the waiter will be by soon to top off that drink! This convenience does not apply to alcoholic beverages.



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