Effects The U.S. Infrastructure has on Expats

The U.S. infrastructure is rated “D” according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, even though the United States is an industrialized, developed country. The lack of infrastructure is rarely considered when companies send assignees over on work assignments.

Shockingly enough, the U.S is not as equipped as other developed countries around the world. Obtaining a vehicle in the United States is highly recommended and, in most cases, mandatory due to the lack of sufficient public transportation in certain areas of the country. The 48 contiguous states measures over 3.1 million square miles with over 2.7 million miles of paved roads. Having a vehicle offers mobility in a country where surprisingly over 45% of the population does not have access to public transportation. For those that do have access to public transportation, it may not be convenient. Most assignees will need to rely on driving to get to and from their daily destinations.

Transportation is a major factor that can affect an Expat’s assignment in the United States. If you look at the U.S. as a whole, 220 million adults spend an average of an hour and a half in their cars each day. The average person drives 13,000 miles a year, and the average household owns two cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles, and one in four owns three or more.

International AutoSource can help corporations and Expats with transportation solutions to overcome these challenges while helping Expats to assimilate and be productive for a successful transition.


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