Online Driving Courses

Online Driving Course for Expats moving to the U.S.

IAS offers additional support for the safety of relocating expatriates.

Expatriates and International assignees are the most valuable asset to their companies. Many expatriates, while experienced drivers are likely unfamiliar with local driving rules and laws in their new state and new drivers may lack the essential defensive driving skills designed to help prevent hazards before they occur.

Vehicle accidents cost individuals and employers throughout the U.S. billions of dollars annually in medical care, legal expenses and property damage. Many accidents can be avoided if drivers are trained properly. Safer streets begin with safer drivers and experts agree that individuals who complete defensive driving courses can mitigate risk, and save lives.

The benefits of online driving courses for expatriates relocating to the U.S.

Not only do these convenient safety courses reduce risk, some states require the completion of a defensive driving course to secure a state license. These courses may offer savings to those individuals who participate. Many insurance companies offer discounts up to 10% on auto insurance premiums with a certificate of completion.

We take our responsibility in the duty of care of each customer seriously. For every customer that orders a vehicle through our program, they are given access to one of the premier online driving schools in the United States where they can take a convenient course, at their own pace, designed specifically for their new state of residence.

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Limit one online driving course per vehicle purchase. For additional details on how to redeem please speak with your Product Specialist.