Driving in the USA: Tire Air Pressure

In order to be safe and efficient in your vehicle, it is important that you maintain proper air pressure in your tires. The proper air pressure for your tires can be found in your vehicles owner’s manual or on the tire placard (attached to the vehicle door edge, doorpost, glove box door or fuel door).   2014-Audi-A7-wheels-generic

Having proper air pressure means:

1. Increased safety
2. Better vehicle handling
3. Lower fuel costs
4. Longer tire life

You should check your tires air pressure about once a month. Even if your vehicle has a low tire pressure indicator on the dashboard, it is still a safe idea to check it manually. Buy a simple tire gauge to read the psi for your vehicle’s tires.

Driving over a nail, glass, or another sharp object can result in a puncture that slowly leaks air out of your tire.

There are several warning signs that an object has punctured your tire:

1. Vehicle pulls in one direction
2. Vehicle begins vibrating
3. Clicking sound when driving slowly

If you discover a puncture in your tire it is important to replace or fix the tire immediately.


Source: Automotive Fleet

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