Cheat Sheet for Measurement Conversion in the U.S.

Converting Fahrenheit-to-Celsius, pounds-to-kilograms, inches-to-centimeters … that’s everyday life for an Expat living in the United States.

Simple everyday tasks require you to do math in your head, right on the spot. Whether you’re trying out a new recipe, watching the weather channel, or driving your car, you’re going to have to know measurement conversion.

While this is an opportunity for you to get really good at math – like pounds to kilograms in under 30 seconds good – it’s always helpful to have a cheat sheet in your pocket for those times when you get your inches, feet, and miles mixed up. That’s why International AutoSource created “Your Cheat Sheet for Measurement Conversion in the U.S.”

Download your free measurement conversion cheat sheet, save it your phone, hang it on your refrigerator, or laminate it and carry it around in your purse – hey, we won’t judge – just make sure you have it handy when those math skills are put to the test!

 CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO DOWNLOAD “Your Cheat Sheet for Measurement Conversion in the U.S.”

Measurement Conversion Cheat Sheet


 Want to know more about measurement conversion in the United States? Download our other helpful resource, Your Guide to Measurement Conversion in the United States 

measurement guide

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