[SURVEY] Are you an expatriate living in the United States? Share your Expat experience!

Every Expat has a story, and we want to know yours. International AutoSource (IAS), an Expat vehicle provider, designed a survey to take a comprehensive look into the expatriate community living in the United States. We’re looking for Expats who have lived in, or are currently living in the USA, to fill out a short survey about their experiences. By participating in The Expat Review study, you’re helping fellow Expats understand the successes and challenges faced in the USA.

IAS Expat Review

Your participation in this study helps pave the way for future expatriates moving to the United States. As a thank you for participating in this important study, you will be automatically entered into the drawing. Twenty winners will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card, and five winners will be selected to receive an Apple Watch.

In 2015, International AutoSource released a preliminary study on the United States expatriate community, The Expat Review Volume 1. In conducting this survey, IAS discovered several key findings, including the three biggest challenges faced when moving to the United States: obtaining documentation, credit history, and finding a home. These findings assist Expat providers in better serving the community by helping to create tailored solutions to overcome these obstacles.

The questions in the 2016 Expat Review survey takes a closer look at these identified challenges, while working to uncover additional information about the relocation journey. Topics covered include cultural training, relocation assistance, and difficulty obtaining a Social Security Number, driver’s license, and more. The data uncovered in the 2016 Expat Review survey will be compiled to create The Expat Review Volume 2.

Share your Expat experience here! 

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