International AutoSource Gives One Lucky Expat a Free 2-Year Ford Fusion Lease

The Ford Fusion Lease Contest was held in 2015 and gave qualifying expats the chance to win a 2-Year lease.
Ford Fusion Lease Giveaway
Dr. Annabell Mucha poses with her Ford Fusion and prize check!

Dr. Annabell Mucha, an expatriate who moved to Houston, TX, USA, was randomly selected as the winner of the Ford Fusion Lease Contest in October 2015. Dr. Mucha leased a Ford from International AutoSource when she arrived in the United States. When selected as the winner of the contest, she was given the opportunity to take the Ford Fusion lease for her husband, or accept a cash prize of $6,500, she chose the latter.

“I would like to thank IAS for the assistance and guidance of getting a new car when transferring to the USA. It was thanks to you that I got a new car within the first 5 weeks of my move,” said Dr. Mucha. “You truly helped me getting the whole process of choosing, purchasing and financing done. It was a pleasure working with IAS with a great raffle gift of $6,500 in the end of the journey.”

International AutoSource is a leading provider of Expat vehicle financing, renting, and leasing. They have helped thousands of expatriates with no local credit history secure affordable rates on new and used vehicles. Expatriates are often unaware of the struggles that they will face when buying a vehicle in the U.S. with no credit history. International AutoSource works to educate Expats on the challenges and available solutions when moving to the United States.


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