Driving in the USA: Witnessing an Accident

What should you do if you witness a car accident? As a new Expat in the United States, you might be unsure of the protocol to follow if you are an eyewitness to an accident. GEICO, a leading insurance provider in the United States, put together helpful tips to follow in an emergency situation.

It is important to know that the nationwide emergency number in the United States is 911. 

In the event of an emergency, the United States has one telephone number to call for medical, fire or crime related emergencies.Emergency checklist

Dial 911 from any telephone, and you will reach an operator who will ask you questions and transfer the call to the appropriate response team. The operator will ask you a series of questions that may include:

  • The location of the emergency
  • The phone number you are calling from
  • The type of the emergency
  • Details about the emergency

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Witnessing an Accident

The first thing GEICO advises witnesses to do in the event of an accident is to remain calm and secure your own safety. If you are in a car when the accident occurs, pull over to the side of the road approximately 100 feet (30 meters) away and put on your hazard lights.

Try to remain composed and call 911. Be prepared to answer the questions listed above, as well as any other details the 911 operator may request.

For more tips read GEICO’s What To Do If You Witness A Car Accident

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