The future is here: Self-parking cars

self-parking cars ford

If the thought of parallel parking your car is enough to send you into a panic, take a sigh of relief and meet the future of driving – self-parking cars.

It may sound high-tech and out-of-reach, but today’s vehicle manufacturers are adding parking technology into many of their most popular models. Sometimes named “active park assist” or “auto park”, the technology uses a sensor system to measure the distance of the parking spot and proximity of vehicles nearby. Then the vehicle jumps into action, directing the steering wheel to park the car.

Lexus was the pioneer in the space, unveiling the self-parking LS 460 sedan at the Detroit International Auto Show in 2006. In recent years, Audi, BMW, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Toyota and Volkswagen have all rolled out their own self-parking vehicle. In fact, Lincoln claims that with the 2016 Lincoln MKZ you can parallel park in as little as 24 seconds.

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