Lessons you learn when you move to America

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Most people think they have an idea of what life is like in the United States. They see it on the TV screen and in the movies. But moving to the country and experiencing the American lifestyle is a whole other ball game. At least that’s what one Expat says. In an article written for Thrillist, Malika Toure shared the 15 things she wished she knew before moving to the United States.

Below we highlight just a few of these life lessons that Malika learned after moving to the United States: 

1. Cash is NOT king 

“Don’t feel too special,” wrote Malika,  “you’re not a president or a royal, you just have the option to swipe your credit/debit card everywhere from a taxi to a food truck to a street fair — yeah, even vendors selling bottle-cap belt buckles have mobile card readers.”

2. Flu season is just as bad as Malaria – yes, you heard that right 

“Some of my friends and I grew up in various African countries and contracted malaria periodically ‐‐ many of us maintain that getting the American flu was on par or even worse!” explained Malika,  “Read that again, worse. Than. Malaria. Aches, cough, chills, sweats, fever, fatigue, dizziness ‐‐ sound familiar?”

3. There’s a TV station for everything

“Just look at American Hoggers ‐‐ no, not a three‐part documentary on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, as one might think, but rather a reality show that follows a family whose mission is to control the feral hog population of Texas by hunting them.” shared Malika,  “That series lasted FOUR SEASONS!!!”

4. Bacon and Avocado are a national obsession

“You can (and will) be prompted to add bacon and/or avocado to everything,” wrote Malika, “This is not a complaint.”

5. Don’t forget to tip

“Restaurants, bars, cabs, hairdressers, nail salons ‐‐ tipping between 10 and 25% is customary and it can add up,” Malika explained.


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