Comparing Automatic and Manual Transmission Vehicles

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While you’re shopping for your new car there will be a few decisions you have to make: manufacturer, color, type, etc. One question to ask yourself is do you want an automatic or manual transmission? 

With the popularity of the automatic, some people may even ask themselves ‘what is a manual transmission?’. On the outside they look the same, but inside, they are two very different types of vehicles. Below is a basic overview of automatic and manual transmission vehicles.


The automatic vehicle is what most drivers are accustomed to. Cars that have an automatic transmission just have one set of gears that automatically shift based on how you are driving. Once you set your car in drive the car basically does the rest.

Not having to switch gears allows you to focus on the road. It’s less complex to learn how to drive an automatic, which makes it great for new drivers. The easiness of driving an automatic is what has made them so popular among drivers across the board. In 2012, 93% of new cars sold were automatic, according to

The downside to owning an automatic? Since the gear system is so complex, it could potentially cost you more time and money to repair if something goes wrong.


Back in the 90s, one out every four cars sold were a manual transmission. Today, they’re not as popular. In a manual, you have to manually change between the gears as you drive. The interior of a manual is different than an automatic, it has two extra features: the gear stick (stick shift) and the clutch.

The gear shift is located on the driver’s left-hand side between the front seats. It is what you use to change between the car’s gears. The shift has 5 gears for driving forward and one for reverse. The clutch is a pedal that is located at the driver’s feet. To change gears in your car, you need to push down on the clutch, select your gear, and then release the clutch.

A manual car is harder to drive than an automatic because you constantly have to be aware of what gear you’re in and be ready to change. There is also a high potential to stall your engine if you do not change gears correctly.

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